Tuesday, June 24, 2008

So much to do

So today I realized that my "heart baby" is no longer a baby. He's a toddling 14 month old! Kaden is into everything imaginable, including the toilet and trash can. His new nickname is "Dumpster Monkey" because he climbs like a monkey to get in the trash! What a hoot. Avery is becoming quite the little man. He has continued to bless my life with his precious smile and ever mischevious ways. He and Kaden wrestle around with Daddy on the floor being boys. Kaeleigh is slowing becoming more of a "tween" and less of a little girl. Seeing her grow up reminds me of being her age and wondering about things like make-up and matching jewelry. I often find her dressing up, trying to match shoes with outfits and making sure her hair is "just so." I think the full scope of being the mother of a teenager is beginning to present itself. I think the pace of my prayer life is beginning to pick up with it!

I met with Rebecca, Angel Annabelle's mom, today to give her a quilt made in Annabelle's memory and some things for the baskets she puts together to remember Annabelle by. I held back tears the entire time. Just seeing her smile brought so many emotions to the front of my heart, I almost couldn't contain it. It's amazing to see my Father continue to work in others lives and allow me to be a part of it. I pray that He continues to bless and hold each of the families Palmetto Hearts touches and that in some way, they will see Christ's love through me.

Palmetto Hearts continues to flourish with new families weekly. We have our own website now, thanks to the Marsh family! www.palmettohearts.org I pray that in some way these heart children touch your lives and give you a bit of peace about yours.