Sunday, March 15, 2009

For Kaden

A heart that beats
Scars that won’t heal
And the amazing day
When time stood still

I held him all night
And kissed his sweet face
Knowing all the while
Only God knew his fate

I prayed and I cried
Father, take this from him
Heal his heart
Let no knife touch his skin

Let me open my eyes
And everything be right
Father please heal him
Please do it tonight

But the path had been chosen
And our Lord new best
This path we must travel
This would be our test

Somberly they came
And took him away
To fix his heart
And his life to save

I handed him over
Into hands unknow
Father, deliver him
I begged at His throne

Time stopped with his heart
Then began again
When we heard the news
We’re done, he’s on the mend

I look at his chest
The scars are still there
The battle of a lifetime
My little one fared.

Thank you Lord for our child
For each precious day
For the mended heart inside him
And the life that you saved

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Porta-Potty

I took the munchkins for soccer evaulations today. There were several stations set up for various skills. I took my friend's two girls, so there I was with five kids in tow. Not to shabby, I can handle it. Then I saw it, the one thing no mom wants to see with a bunch of kids..... a porta-potty. Oh, the dreaded, "we haven't developed our facilities yet, porta-potty." I shuddered.

We managed to make it all the way through the evaluations. Avery and Kaeleigh did great, and I'm excited to see them all suited up for games!! Avery has a natural talent for soccer and Kaeleigh is so athletic and will do amazing. Em and Cam did really well too, especially Cam. She's so stinking cute and was nervous, but pulled through and did her best!

We headed out to the car to get home and the word was heard..."pee." Kaeleigh heard it first and told me, then Kaden looked at me and said, "pee-pee." There I was, the woods or the porta-potty. I chose the latter. I guess in a moment of panic, all the nicely dressed moms, folks from the church, I was possed to not have my 2 year old use a tree. So Kaden on my hip and the others instructed to get in the car, and with a diaper bag hung around my neck, we half walked, half jogged to the evil beast. I won't go into detail about the various positions I had to hold him in so we wouldn't touch anything, but we managed. And now, I can proudly proclaim, "I have braved the evil of all evils with a heart child and we both made it out alive!"

Monday, March 2, 2009

Diapers be Gone!

This morning, Kaden took it upon himself to take off his diaper and begin using his potty chair. He's had a few accidents, but overall has done really well! It's a little bittersweet. I'm excited for him to reach this next milestone, but then I know he's further from being a "baby." This has been a pleasant surprise. I thought surely this one was gonna give me a run for my money while training!

So it's off with the diapers and on with the "big guy pants"!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Rainy Days

I'm torn on loving a rainy day. On one hand it means I get to spend time with my family and on the other hand it means I'm stuck in the house with three rambuncious children! Enter the Wii...

What a fabulous purchase we've made, minus the competitive arguments between KK and Ave. All of us have been up off the couch playing tennis or bowling and interacting with each other. It's brought Tim and I together as well. We have bowling dates, at home!! Ok, I realize how sad that sounds even as I'm re-reading what I just wrote. But come on, we don't have sitters or family close by to watch the children so we rarely have time to reconnect with each other. We put the kids down and have a little time bustin' each other's chops while playing. It's been fantastic. If you can get one, I suggest you do!


This past week has been tough. Kaden ended up being hospitalized with RSV. He was admitted Tuesday because he was dehydrated. It took four nurses 11 tries to get his IV going. It ended up in his big toe. His little veins were just too dry to get a line going. He's covered in bruises from all the tries. He was released Wednesday around lunch time and he's been much better since then. Tim and I are watching him for fever. Apparantly secondary pneumonia is very common after RSV, so we aren't in the clear on that yet. Still have another week of keeping him at home and things should get back to normal.


I was not able to make it to my appointment on Wednesday with the doctor. I'm going to reschedule it for as soon as possible. I feel a sense of peace about it. I know God is going to provide in His timing.


Kaden is going for a speech evaulation soon. He was supposed to go Wednesday but with the RSV, I'm not going to risk infecting other kids. I will post how that goes when we get there!