Saturday, December 1, 2007

Busy Mom

I guess you can see by the fact that I haven't posted in a while, that I've been busy. My days are filled with the joyous tasks of being a mommy and a wife. Unfortunately, I've let those things get in the way of my time with God. How can I expect for my children to obey me, when I don't obey my Father.....

I keep being reminded subtly by our Father that I'm pushing Him further down my list of "important things to do." So today, I'm trying to get back on track by praying for strength in my walk and diligence to read His Word daily. Not just to read but to take from it. How easily I've gotten caught up in my life.

Lord, give me the desire to put you first. Let me be an example to You for my children, so they'll follow You. Amen.